In June of 2019,

Seogwipo city together with Next Challenge Foundation and Jeju Free International City Development Center opened ‘Seogwipo City Startupbay in June of 2019 with the goal of building up startup ecosystem in Seogwipo city, allowing for startup by the youth, job creation, local economy reactivation.

The Startupbay has grown into an anchor organization leading startup ecosystem in Seogwipo city by attracting investment from the government, creating new jobs, boosting regional economy by discovering and cultivating potential startups and being selected as a government-funded project.

The Startupbay provides a variety of education programs so that startup ecosystem settles into the local community as well as startup accelerating programs and also makes efforts to enable the regional community to grow together.

As a successful example of governance by public-private partnerships, the 'Seogwipo city Startupbay' hopes that it serves as a stepping stone for future entrepreneurs and early stage startups to take leap since when they established their businesses and that it acts as priming water contributing to expansion of startup ecosystem for those who engage in the ecosystem and work for startups.

The head of Seogwipo City Startupbay

CEO of Next Challenge Foundation

Rocky Kim

SEOGWIPO Startupbay

Address of Seogwipo City Startupbay : 2F & 3F, 86, Jungjeong-ro, Seoqwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-governing Provicne, ROK

Phone number : 064-732-0049  |  E-mail address :



seogwipo-city Startupbay 2F&3F, 86 Jungjeong-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Phone number : 064-732-0049  |  E-mail address :


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